Alessandro Alì 

(Catanzaro 1968) Architect, founder and technical director at UbiStudio. Contract professor at Dipartment of Architecture and Urban Studies at Politecnico di Milano. He was trained as architect and urban planner at Bernarso Secchi’s studio in Milan, with whom he graduated at the IUAV in Venice. He worked with Paola Viganò on several urban plans as including those of Bergamo, Santo Stefano di Magra (SP), Longarone (Bl) and Pescara. He participated in the design of the General Plan of Venice in 1998 by being part of the Office Plan directed by Leonardo Benevolo. He participated in the design of the Masterplan for the Iraq Marshland region within the project “The New Eden” (Italian Ministry of the Environment and Free Iraq Foundation). With the Centro Studi PIM has been part of the technical-scientific coordination group of the new general plan and urban design policies of Milan.

Antonio E. Longo 

(Milan 1966) Architect, Founder and scientific consultant. Associate Professor at the Dipartimento di Architettura e Studi Urbani e director of the MSc in Landscape Architecture Land Landscape Heritage at the School AUIC  in the Politecnico di Milano. His key research al design themes include: open spaces and parks policies and design, urban landscape design and representation, design methods in urbanism, land and urban strategies and projects. Design practices in contemporary contexts, theoretical reflection, teaching and educating as closely tied and complementary practices. Has conducted research work at both the national and international levels, with a special focus on northern Europe and Germany in particular.

Work with us

Nicola Bertagnolli 


Consultant for economic evaluation of projects, works management

Daniela Borroni


Consultant for landscape design

Stefania De Melgazzi


Consultant for Territorial databases GIS

Danilo Ercoli



Chiara Nifosì


Consultant for urban design, architecture

People who previously worked with UBISTUDIO

Luca Tognù, Claudia Solarino, Maddalena Leanza, Valentina Brambilla, Lara Valtorta, Mariasilvia Agresta, Alessandro Musio, Christian Novak, Cecilia Rusconi, Caterina Gfeller, Daniela Gambino, Alessandro Giacomel, Talita Medina, Giovanni Nardin, Francesco Curci, Emanuel Lancerini, Guglielmo Caretti, Chiara La Manna, Gabriele Solazzi